Ereignis, Gelassenheit and Lichtung: A love story

Digital projection

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A digital time-lapse video of Candida albicans reproducing and changing shape, taken on a live imaging microscope, fills the room, contaminating the architectural space (and any bodies within it) with animate images of Candida albicans cells. The title of this work combines terms used by the philosopher Martin Heidegger, whose work redefined understandings of “being-in-the-world.” Ereignis [trans. an event] describes the coming into being of “things” which is only possible through their relationships with each other. Gelassenheit [trans. letting-be] expresses the acceptance of the mystery of being-in-the-world, and Lichtung [trans. a clearing; illumination] refers to the necessity to clear a space in order to understand how it is to be-in-the-world. This work suggests that all three are intertwined, even in our own bodies.

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