Emergent Ecologies (2016)

NYC Emergence

Kilroy Metal Ceiling, New York City

Sat Apr 30 – Sat Jun 18

group exhibition with Krisanne Baker, Steve Barrett, Tarsh Bates, Peter Bauer, Vaughn Bell, Karin Bolender, Rogan Brown, Cheto Castellano, Alonso Cedillo, Sophia Chao, Atom Cianfarani, Tatiana Czekalska + Leszek Golec, Montserrat + Natalia Cabezas Diaz, Krista Dragomer, J. D. Doria, Anna Dumitriu, Grayson Earle, Regina José Galindo, Grace Glovier, Kathy High, Jeff Hoelle, Susan Hoenig, Henry Horn, Ellie Irons, Antonia Isaacson, Maca Jimenez, Sharon Kallis, Anja Kanngieser, David Khang, Katie King, Eben Kirksey, Michael Klingler, Cody Kohn, Lian Lian, Lenore Malen, Matsya, Jane Marsching, Mary Martin, Alex May, Laura McLauchlan, Leila Nadir, NEOZOON, Juan Olivares, Lissette Olivares, Terreform ONE, Alexandra Palocz, Cary Peppermint,  Anne Percoco, Angela Petsis,  Praba Pilar, Deanna Pindell, Peter Richards, Coco Rico, Christy Rupp, Sin Kabeza Productions, Polly Stanton, Anna-Sophie Springer + Etienne Turpin, Andi Sutton, Vandra Thorburn, The Natural History Museum (Not an Alternative), Greg Umali, Anuj Vaidya, Maria Whiteman, Amanda Yates, Adam Zaretsky.

co-curated by Eben Kirksey, Lissette Olivares, Grace Glovier, Cody Kohn, Kayli Marshall, Greg Umali, and Alexandra Palocz

Emergent ecologies are being fastened into place with new rivets and cyborg articulations. Amidst collapsing systems, unruly assemblages are flourishing and proliferating in unexpected places. Microbes that become emergent diseases—by finding novel exploits, pathways of transmission, or modes of existence—can quickly transform dominant political strategies, economic systems, or agricultural practices. Emergences can also figure into collective hopes. When a forest is clear-cut by loggers or destroyed by a volcanic eruption, emergent plants are the first to sprout.

Rather than be a static exhibition, that will stay the same from the opening and closing dates, our project will involve playing with the “hap” of what happens. Happiness, in the Old English sense of the word, means having “good hap” or fortune. We will be conducting experiments with happiness and glass, breaking down boundaries (and constructing new ones) to see what ecological communities might emerge.

Includes my artworks Translational Ambiguity Tolerance and The Unsettling Eros of Contact Zones recipe card


Translational Ambiguity Tolerance

The Unsettling Eros of Contact Zones recipe card

The Unsettling Eros of Contact Zones recipe card


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